Campaign Trait

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Character traits are essentially half-feats that help customize a PC’s background and tie him/her to the themes and events of a particular adventure. Each character should begin play with two traits, one of which will be selected from the campaign traits below, the other to be selected from the d20 Pathfinder SRD Traits.

Campaign traits are tailored to a specific Adventure Path and give your character a built-in reason to begin the first adventure in a new campaign. Campaign traits assume a lot more about your character’s backstory than do normal traits, and they are meant to help serve as inspiration for a player working to create a detailed and interesting history for their character. You have a certain amount of leeway in adjusting a campaign trait’s expected backstory once you’ve selected the trait that’s right for you; just be sure to get your GM’s approval before you run with a modified history.

Campaign Traits

Campaign Trait

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