Character Biography

After you’ve rolled for abilities, chosen a race and class, and picked out your traits, try to figure out who your character is: what is their personality and temperament like, what motivates them, where have they come from and where are they going, who is their family etc. Remember, you are playing a character, not yourself.

Write a short biography for your character (One page double-spaced is sufficient, but feel free to go longer if inspiration seizes you). Here are two links to give you ideas: Edmund Thelodorne and Character Background Page. (Edmund Thelodorne is respectfully borrowed from another campaign simply to be used as an example of a good description and bio.)

Why should you do this? Well, for at least three reasons. First, it will help you get to know your character more intimately, and deepen your sense of his/her purpose. Second, writing about your character and their ties to the people and places in this world will in turn give you a greater sense of ‘ownership’ of the campaign and your character. Third, throughout the course of the campaign I will be looking for ways to interweave the evolving campaign plot threads with elements from your characters backgrounds. Hence, in writing a character bio, you can play an indirect role in shaping the course of the overall campaign.

Character Traits

The links below have detailed information describing just what character traits and campaign traits are, and why they are valuable, but simply put, a character trait is a feature that your character has acquired due to their unique history, that both describes something interesting about him/her, and offers some quantified advantage within the mechanics of game play (each character trait is approximately equivocate to 1/2 of a Feat). Selecting a character trait then helps you to define who your character is in a way that will impact game play.


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