Descent into Midnight

week 2

dearest malea,

Oh My God I have been in this Cray Cray town for 2 whole weeks now and all ppl keep talking about is this stupid church thing that’s going on! Oh how I long for those nights we would go out dancing after our last performance. You remember those twins we met in Azure that night when you insisted that you were a baroness from Quar and that your royal valet had fallen ill. you had them carrying you all night!

There is a blacksmith’s apprentice that is rough and clever and he talks the same way as that last boy I fell for. I’ll try to be a good girl specially since these idiots have some ridiculous punishments, tar and feathering for adultery – what year are we living in, ascending water RY 721. Geez!!

Still working on getting a real gig. Did a small job at a senator’s house the other night. Had to punch out quick but did catch the wife’s face upon discovery. she was shocked but not unpleased, so i think there is a big demand for dancers but these small town pockets might see me moving on soon.

I miss you and I hope Mr. Joker is well satisfied with his new pet. You should join me here and we cause raise a little Sheol in this stodgy town before it’s too late.

Maybe raise a church of our own. hahahahah

all my love



Coppermane catra20

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